Products and Services

Midori Anzen is Japan’s leading pioneer in safety shoes and work shoes with over half a century of experience since 1952. Backed by high level of technical expertise and an integrated production system that includes instep and toecap, Midori Anzen delivers foot safety to every customer with consistent superior product quality and an uncompromising spirit to pursue product improvements and innovations. Our products include :

  • PROTECTOES5 : world’s first footwear that uses an innovatively designed and patented toecap to provide full protection to all 5 toes.
  • Ecomark accredited safety shoes that contribute to the reduction of environmental burden.
  • Plus a variety of features that can be configured in our products to meet workers’ needs: comfortable and breathable shoe structure, dual density rubber sole, contemporary sneakers-styled design, slip-resistant sole, antistatic sole, heat-resistant sole, and other specialized footwear such as shoes for clean-room environment etc.


Our group factories located in Japan and overseas manufacture top quality and highly functional uniforms. Apart from the standard catalog items, we have a proven track record of making uniforms based on our own design to meet specific customers’ requirements. We create uniform suitable to a wide range of job categories, from general industrial style uniform to white gowns catering to the need of food and service industry. Particularly noteworthy is our highly rated VERDEXCEL uniform series – a product line which is innovatively developed to provide an unparalleled level of comfort and ease of body movements at workplaces.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Backed by decades of PPE experience and trust from customers, we offer a solid line of safety products that can better ensure the well-being of working people. Our product line covers such area as :

  • Eye and Face Protection : safety eyewear including goggles and face-shields that protect eyes, as well as face as a whole, from harmful objects, dust and light
  • Respiratory Protection : face-masks and gas masks / respirators that safeguard users from harmful gases, virus and dust
  • Hand Protection : gloves that keep hands safe from various injuries including cut, puncture, harmful chemicals, burn and heat
  • Hearing Protection : ear plugs and earmuffs that shield users from high decibel sound and noises
  • Fall Protection : full-body harnesses and safety belts that save lives for those working at heights
  • Gas Detection : detecting devices that alert users of the presence of harmful gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and others

Safety Helmets

We are the leading head protection product manufacturer with one of the most extensive safety helmet lineups in Japan. Our products meet the safety needs at a variety of workplaces protecting millions of users each day. We are proud to be the company that delivers :

  • Japan’s first helmet with visor and built-in face shield
  • Helmet with built-in eye shield
  • Heat shielding helmet that prevents heat attack (ventilation type helmet)
  • Transparent visor helmet that facilitates upward visibility
  • Bump cap and design helmet that cater to various purposes.

Equipment that can improve environment

Midori Anzen has a solid track record of over 30 years in the field of air cleaning. Backed by our proven technology and stringent quality control, we offer exceptional products that deliver clean, healthy and comfortable air to breathe. Examples of our products include :

  • Industrial air cleaners PALCLEAN series used in various places such as offices, public spaces, hospitals, automobiles, and railways
  • Oil mist collector
  • Kitchen ventilation and odor removal equipment
  • ECO filters designed with earth environment in mind are also available.

Electrical measuring equipment

We can propose a wide range of safety measures for electrical equipment based on customers’ needs :

  • High voltage and low voltage resistance monitoring equipment that continuously monitors resistance of electrical equipment to prevent potential accident.
  • Demand monitoring equipment that can be easily mounted to help manage electricity bill and cost reduction
  • Voltage detector and large-caliber clamp meter.

Crisis management

We offer a wide range of products that can help people to be better prepared for emergencies and natural disasters, thereby minimizing their associated damages. Our products are used in a variety of scenarios including initial response, rescue and recovery operations, evacuation and temporary emergency shelters. Meanwhile, we also provide products that lend themselves well in meeting needs of specific situation such as :

  • Disaster Mitigation : fixture products that prevent falling and toppling of items
  • Storage Management : space-saving emergency products, specialized products for minimizing space needed to hygienically store raw waste during an emergency or disaster period, measures to manage product expiration dates for emergency stockpile
  • Measures to cope with outbreak of infectious diseases such as the new influenza
  • Heat Stress Preventive Measure: specialized products to safeguard users from heat stress during hot seasons

Safety and hygiene products for food industry

We supply products that help create a safe and hygienic environment for food manufacturing industries including corporate and hospital food services, supermarkets, and restaurants. In addition, our HACCP consultation department offers complete consulting service for food hygiene management :

  • HiGRIP : Short and long shoes developed to prevent slip and fall at work sites
  • PROWHITE : Comfortable white gown and hood that help prevent acci-dental mix-in of extraneous matters
  • VERTE series work gloves : Versatile product that can be used to perform various operations
  • Other products related to environmental hygiene maintenance such as shoe sole cleaner

Clean and static electricity measures

Our extensive line-up of clean room products includes high performance clean wear, shoes, gloves, and clean wiper, which offer high-level of cleanliness required for clean room environment. To help tackle the static electricity, we provide a wide range of products that are IEC standards compliant. These include shoes, uniforms, neutralization blowers, static electricity tiles and sheets, and coated floors. Aside from products, we also provide consulting services, workplace diagnosis and seminars to serve the needs of our customers.

Medical devices and first-aid outfits

Midori Anzen has a long history in the field of medical devices and first-aid outfits :

  • ISOLATOR VERDE CCR : Sterile room, simplified sterile room
  • Air Purifier with Enzyme HEPA filter
  • BIO SAMP : Sampling device for bacteria floating in air
  • First-aid outfit such as AED, artificial resuscitation equipment, auto-matic blood-pressure gauge, first-aid box for industrial use, stretcher, contact-less thermometers, and emergency dressing

Medical items for hospitals

We offer products that are truly required by nurses and healthcare professionals to help create a safe medical environment :

  • Anti-static electricity shoes : Help resolve a myriad of problems caused by static electricity
  • Tunic, scrub : Nurse uniforms developed to facilitate ease of movement during work
  • VERTE CheMax7thSense : Nitrile gloves that does not use any vulcanizing accelerator

Electronic commercial transactions / EDI

Smoother and more accurate, we offer EDI as a way to simplify and streamline purchasing operations with our customers. Merits of implementing EDI include :

  • Visualization of commercial flow and easier integration
  • Information sharing such as purchasing trends across the company
  • Easier and more efficient conduit for customers to take advantage of the same product offering nationwide

Safety and hygiene consultation service

Our employees with their class-1 health supervisor licenses (about 841 employees) offer advice for your questions related to safety and hygiene. Furthermore, special requirements are handled by experts such as the industrial safety consultants, the industrial health consultants, and the class-1 work environment experts in conjunction with Midori Anzen Safety and Hygiene Consultation Department.