Higher standards of safety and reassurance

Midori Anzen is a leading Japanese manufacturer of protective equipment. Under the corporate philosophy of Service for Safety, Health and Comfortable Environment, we help in creating safe and comfortable work environment by offering high performance, versatile functionality, and superior quality products. In addition, we provide a wide range of safety and hygiene information, as well as various professional services to our customers. Japan is one of the foremost earthquake prone countries in the world. Another important work of Midori Anzen is to staunchly protect working people and workplaces from natural disasters such as large earthquakes. Based on the extensive experience from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we work on total crisis management including post-disaster business continuity plan of the workplace. Leveraging extensive knowledge and know-how accumulated from long-standing experience and track record, and backed by innovative product development capabilities and technology development competencies, Midori Anzen can respond effectively to various customer needs with a high degree of confidence.