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Under the motto "Service for Safety, Health and Comfortable Workplaces," Midori Anzen has been manufacturing various products for the human workshop environment. Ensuring safety creates a healthier workshop environment. Products designed from this safety-and-health oriented philosophy include safety shoes, uniforms, dust and static-free clothing for clean rooms, in addition to a wide variety of articles for creating a safe and hygienic industrial environment for workers. Among our product groups, we also offer environment improving solution such as air cleaners, electric dust collectors, as well as safety and measuring instruments aimed to prevent electric leakage and help realize energy-saving.

In addition to the wide range of the products, the other major feature of Midori Anzen is "direct sales system." In other words, we firmly believe that the voices from real workplace are the main factors that allow us to deliver more reliable "safety and health" with customized service. Each one of our products has been developed with recourse to the individual features with the aim of facilitating use and contributing to safe and pleasant working environments. We are so proud of each product that has distinctive Midori Anzen quality.


Safety Footwears

Safety Footwears
Our first priority for shoes are: "High quality".
MIDORI ANZEN is constantly concerned with the subject of "workplace" from various angles. We are sincerely wishing to provide footwear of supreme quality.


Uniforms Sense of security and reassurance bring a smile to users.
We are continuing to view our products in a total perspective, not only from the standpoint of fashion and individuality. Each of our products that we offer has a latest sensibility and reliability, and that makes our products so special.

Protective Equipments

Protective Equipments MIDORI ANZEN's safety equipment remains at the forefront of the industry: wider range, surer function, and newer approach than any of its rivals. And, "reliability" is always the most important attribute of our products.

SC Helmet

SC Helmet As always, our priority is to improve the standards and quality of every aspect of safety, and our concern is to achieve higher level of functionality and quality. For example, we have made improvements in features that we believe are needed but not as thoroughly covered in safety standards - such as ensuring that the straps of helmets do not fall off. These types of improvements are made in direct answer to the needs voiced by workers on the front line whom we interact with regularly.

Measures to deal with static electricity

Measures to deal with static electricity Dissipation of static electricity is very important in connection with quality control in the electronics industry. MIDORI ANZEN has its own static electricity and air purification laboratories, thereby enabling a comprehensive response to this problem.

Food & HACCP Equipments

Health and Safety measures contamination MIDORI ANZEN is pursuing more "functional" products based on the experience, physiology as well as valuable opinions from the workers in various workplaces.

Equipments that can Improve Environment

Equipments that can Improve Environment MIDORI ANZEN's air purification devices have been developed as environmental system aimed at creating work spaces in which clear demarcation are made smoking and non smoking areas. We have a wide line up of products in many different places to maintain same pleasant conditions.

Medical Shoes, Uniforms, Goods

Medical Shoes, Uniforms, Goods MIDORI ANZEN is pursuing more "functional" medical shoes and uniforms based on the experience, physiology as well as valuable opinions from the workers in various workplaces.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices We had created an easy to use sterile room by making use of technology employed by clean rooms, nursing aid products developed from the safety protection equipments, and portable oxygen inhalers of the only such system approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. All these products are characterized by effectiveness and easy application at the time of emergency.

Electrical Measuring Equipments

Electrical Measuring Equipments MIDORI ANZEN takes part in the construction of buildings from the initial design stage in order to prevent potential problems in the bud. We have developed own unique system for examination of the health of electricity.

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